Crowd Funding...

We are crowd funding Kickstarter... (Incase you somehow missed it!)

But where does Elbow Room fit into all this? 

If you've taken a look at our Kickstarter crowd funding campaign you might be left wondering and I think it would be a fair question. We have talked about expanding As Yet Untitled, about publishing new artists books, about the next phase.

What we have yet to talk about in much detail is Elbow Room.

I thought we should. 

For so long Elbow Room has been almost the entirety of As Yet Untitled. If the Kickstarter is successful that will no longer be true. We will make new books, more books, working with more people. People will recognise As Yet Untitled as a press, the name will come to mean something as a publisher of artists’ books. That is our aim, our dream. But it doesn't mean we have forgotten Elbow Room in all our planning.

It won't any longer stand-alone but it will continue to stand at the centre of the press. Without Elbow Room we would never have dared to take this step. Our experiences working on the journal are the reason we want to collaborate with artists and writers from across the arts. The responses we have always had to Elbow Room strengthen our belief in the importance of the beautiful handmade object. Our calendar is set out around two important things- artists' book fairs and the quarterly release of Elbow Room. That is not going to change. Elbow Room is at our heart, now and forever.

But what would reaching our Kickstarter target mean to Elbow Room on practical level?

What would having funds for the first time mean for our journal?

That's simple.

Every piece of equipment we buy for the press will be used to make Elbow Room.

Every supply of ink we can invest in will allow us to print Elbow Room.

Every spool of thread and pack of paper will help us make each new volume.

More than this though having funds will allow us to make larger print runs. Having larger print runs means we can increase our distribution to more books shops around the UK and the world, get Elbow Room into more libraries and still have enough copies left for book fairs and our online shop. On top of all of this we will be able to advertise, to promote the journal more widely and so have more people sign up for yearly subscriptions, or buy single issues. All of this will mean that the artists and writers whose incredible work we publish will get more exposure to a wider readership around the world.

Until now Elbow Room has been self-funded. To take the next step we need your support. Pledging to our crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter will not only help As Yet Untitled and Elbow Room but also every artist and writer we publish. 

So please, if you have ever picked up and enjoyed a copy of Elbow Room, pledge today and help us make our dreams a reality.