16 Days To Go...

There are only 16 days left until the competition deadline. The last month has been incredible. So many people have visited the website, emailed to ask questions, listed the competition, tweeted or blogged about us. We can’t thank you all enough. It’s a wonderful thing to have people talking and sharing.

Now we find ourselves in the home stretch, the entries are starting to come in everyday and they are so very tempting. We can’t wait to be able to sit down with them all and start to read, look and consider.

But before we can do that we have just enough time left to spread the word further, to tell even more people and to hopefully make the eventual results of this competition into something truly special. Without your help and your entries it won’t happen. So send us your work, tell someone you know about us and help us reach the deadline with so many incredibly entries our job becomes virtually impossible.

Rosie, Zelda and Lauren.