Elbow Room Live at The Harrison

Elbow Room Live is one of our favourite parts of this multi-faceted publication. The chance to bring work off the page, to give the poetry and prose in our journal a different life, a new audience is always incredible. That we can bring in arts that we can’t ever hope to publish, music and film and animation, makes it all the more important. Every Elbow Room Live is completely different, the performers and audience always change it in some way. But every single one has something in common, a love and respect for the work brought to our stage. We cannot wait to return to London next Saturday, we cannot wait to celebrate the release of our landmark tenth volume with you, we cannot wait to ring a new group of writers, musicians and artists to the Elbow Room stage. But about all, we cannot wait to grow this little community of with you, the audience and artists without whom we are nothing.

So please, get your tickets now and come along to The Harrison next Saturday. We have treats galore for you and cannot wait to spend a night enjoying them all.

Tickets can be found here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/330033

We thought a little teaser trailer might be in order, so as a temptation, here is Joe Innes and the Cavalcade…