The Elbow Room Prize 2016

It is an absolute joy to announce the return of The Elbow Room Prize. Last year was an experiment we weren’t sure we would repeat. We hoped we would but at first we weren’t certain. I think it was about two thirds of the way through submissions being open that we realised it was working. It was as we judged the incredible entries that we realised quite how well it had worked. It wasn’t until the Prize Night that we knew we would be doing it again.

The response we have had, from those who entered, from those who attended the exhibition and prize night, from those who have bought the Anthology has been overwhelmingly positive. We are hoping we can make it even more successful this year.

When sitting down to plan The Elbow Room Prize 2016 we tried to iron out of a few of the kinks from last year, added in a few new elements and generally make the entry process clearer. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us- we want to help!

We have two new members on the Prize team this year. The first is Liana- who is here to make sure your entries are judged anonymously. She will be doing the behind the scenes work, archiving, filing and answering your emails. Welcome Liana, we are so thankful you are here.

The second new member of our team is our guest judge. Having three judges was important to us and it took us a lot of discussion to decide whom to invite to join us. In the end the choice seemed obvious. Elbow Room is all about community and so inviting one of our prize winners from last year made so much sense. Harry Denniston is an incredible writer and a fantastic person to have on board. We are so thrilled he said yes and cannot wait to work with him.

So welcome, and welcome back to The Elbow Room Prize, returning for its second year. Get your submissions together and we look forward to receiving them!