Elosham Vog

Seven Lucky Gods     

A plaster clock,



The old man,

glasses an open film can.


A face mounted on a machine,

hand-cranked slowly like a cigarette’s flicker.


Dumbo, fat,

cheeks sparked with mirth. 


Open bottles.


Nature in her infinite wisdom, 

close up a corkscrew of penis and hair.


A silent comedy of elsewhere.


Following a transient childhood, Elosham Vog came of age as a stranger in the surreal spaces of the American midwest and west coast. He now lives and writes in England. His interests include fine whisky, Russian formalism, and the anthropological sciences. ‘Seven Lucky Gods’ is part of a book-length project entitled Volcano; other Volcano poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Lighthouse, Ink Sweat & Tears, Saw Palm, and The Istanbul Review.

Elosham's work is featured in Elbow Room Vol Seven