Euan Tait

Pastoral from another planet.

(“Ich fühle luft von anderem planeten” Stefan George, Entrückung)


You cannot breathe here, not as you used to,

but you have to imagine


coming to this shore, your attention shifting

to a different direction,


for this is not the place of the expected body

or the wanted land,


but a discoloured shift of your bleeding, in

the fall of a methane rain,


an infinitely slow falling, utterly crystal

in someone else’s head,


light-planed on the soil of the other,

someone else’s rain,


heard by a tear-percussive ear retuned

to a different hearing,


filling a valley left out of sight, elsewhere



like something in yourself, an amoebic hunger,

finally meeting there’s.


Euan Tait was born in the Berlin in 1968. He worked with people with learning difficulties for twenty years, running work projects with them, and supporting them in employment. He now lectures in English and creative writing in Wiltshire, and has recently seen the premiere of his choral symphony libretto in Birmingham.

Euan's work is featured in Elbow Room Vol Six