Károly Sándor Pallai

Supercilious Gods

a frantic exploration of my body cavities as the 

iridescent scenery is flying by. a magenta table, 

vents of air-condition cracking. lights fuse in 

front of a silent and elegant sky. saplings, 

mirrors, refreshment car: elements of a 

forgettable morning. some sexy mouths and 

legs in the waiting-hall, the fragrance of soft 

breasts and skin, delay. exploring my body 

cavities in a disconsolate, screamingly blue 

compartment: sensations of fireworks. this is 

the monsoon season in india, in bangladesh 

and on all the tiny islands soaked through with 

the pouring-rushing tears of supercilious gods. 

i fill my stomach and my bowels with torn, 

tarnished words munched and crunched for 

ages. who will bring the redemption to all 

those struggling to express, to give life and 

thickness, seditious content and verified 

significance? who brings abatement to the 

bodies buried by landslides and tidal waves, to 

the finger-sucking destitution overwriting 

human and celestial laws? 


Károly Sándor Pallai is the editor in chief of the electronic review of literary creation and theory Vents Alizés and of the  publishing house Edisyon Losean Endyen. He writes and publishes poetry in French, English, Creole, Hungarian and Spanish. His collection of poems “Soleils invincibles” was published in 2012 and his play “Mangeurs d’anémones” has just come out. 


Károly's work is feature in Elbow Room Vol Five