Lara Lee

Wish You Were Here, Animation, Ink drawn on paper, 6min 23sec, 2013

Lara Lee studied Visual Communication in Kookmin University in Seoul and graduated in Animation, Royal College of Art in London, 2013. Her work spans various media in visual communication, largely associated with animation and illustration. For her, animation is like a moving collage, a form which deals with different textures of the sensory and with endless possibility. Images to her are like dreams: the least credible and yet the most captivating of experiences.

Wish You Were Here, a non-narrative short animation, is an attempt to question where the line is between the mundane and the memorable.

The film is made up of vignettes of holidays intertwined with images of everyday life - both are transient or, maybe, looping forever. One of my initial intentions for the work was to create ‘still’ moving images using static sequences to represent the eternal moments of life - poignant gazing at frozen memories of moments. 

Nevertheless, it is intended as a sort of a journey, where there is not an explicit beginning or ending. I hope it comes across as a piece that the audience interpret based on their own associations, feelings and memories.

It is a dialogue between me and the memories inscribed on old postcards found drifting in flea markets, given form in image and sound. I was drawn to the one-way echoes of the written messages. There is a wry sense of humour in that the words and greetings float aimlessly over the images, scattered by wind and memory, accompanied by the blank faces of people and often dull landscapes of life.