Laura Hume

After the Fight

In the chasm opening between them

reckless words drift down like firework ash.

Pyrotechnic blows that crackled, then exploded;

forbidden words, their nakedness as pure as wedding gold.


Suspended in this stinging aftermath,

she reels above the crumbs from breakfast

started in another life.

The half-drunk cup of coffee whispers stop him.


Acknowledging her own paralysis, she watches herself pause

a minute longer than it takes.

In the chasm opening between them, she listens for

the quiet closing of a door.


Laura Hume has been writing poetry for about four years. She has had work published in South Bank Poetry, The Delinquent and South Poetry Magazine and has been nominated for the Forward Prize for Poetry 2014. She lives and works in London.

Laura's work is featured in Elbow Room Vol Seven