Lynne Bryan

Extract from: Wild

She was getting old and noticingthe wild things. Just like heraunthad done. And friendSylvia. And her dad. All dead now. Long gone. 

First the birds. How they filled the trees. How they welcomed the dawn. How the sparrows liked to rush around, twitteringmadly. The jays swooping, theircaw. The blackbirdsbusy and brutal. Then came the squirrelbouncingfrom bench to fence onto Stan’s rusted mower. 

Stan was the neighbour; she could do without him.

After the squirrel, the fox sunninghimselfon the lawn by the veg plot. Then the rat dashing across the road, caughtin her car headlights. She told her husband. He wasn’t thatinterested. He liked his office, making phonecalls and sending emails.


The complete story can be found in Elbow Room Volume 10.

Lynne Bryan  is the author of a short story collection Envy At The Cheese Handout (published by Faber & Faber), and the novels Gorgeous and Like Rabbits (Sceptre). She is co-organiser of Words And Women -