Martin Malone



After Christian Boltanski

We are all so complicated,

            then die;

from one stage pass quickly

to the next, become

    objects that were someone.


The eye seeks out pattern and is satisfied.

What can you see

    in a darkened room:

ten columns of three,

saints bones for the century?


Each one has his own life,

        each her own story:

the children of Dijon,

    unknown person,

stolen graduates of Vienna.


Into every eye shines a light,

    its wires trailing clumsily

down the wall, 

and beneath each face,

    a tin box for the soul.


Born in 1963 in West Hartlepool, Martin Malone now lives in Warwickshire. A winner of the 2011 Straid Poetry Award and the 2012 Mirehouse Prize , his first full collection - The Waiting Hillside- is published by Templar Poetry. Currently studying for a Ph.D in poetry at Sheffield University, he edits The Interpreter’s House poetry journal.

Martin's work is featured in Elbow Room Vol Six