Neal Leadbeater

A Nocturnal for St. Lucy’s Day

Lucille, you never had it so dark.
For six months now you’ve been losing light
right up to this moment
so that when we open our Books of Hours,
our calendars, our days,
those measured lists and computations
that Man divined of time,
we barely see the garden
the gold leaf of autumn -
that falls in the end to dust. 
Donne would have liked that touch -
how his three-person’d God
would reign in the dark
if only to dispel it later
with a bright, majestic light -
the Sunne Rising 
while you, Lucille,
are starry-eyed and headed West
long after your life is spent
this side of the year.


Neil Leadbeater is an author, poet, essayist and critic living in Edinburgh, Scotland. His short stories, poems and articles have been published widely both at home and abroad. His latest book, “Librettos for the Black Madonna”, was published by White Adder Press in 2011. His work has been translated into Spanish and Romanian.

Neil’s  work is featured in Elbow Room Volume Three