After weeks of discussions, debates and deliberation, it is our absolute pleasure to announce the winners of our inaugural Elbow Room Prize 2015.

With over 650 pieces to consider and an incredibly high standard, our jobs as judges were almost impossible. As a reflection of the high numbers of exceptional Visual Art and Poetry entries in particular, we have decided to name some pieces that we think deserved a special commendation in these categories.

The Elbow Room Prize 2015 Winners

Visual Art

1st Place - Jinyong Park - Daylight

2nd Place – JC Swindells - Look Mummy No Eyes

Joint 3rd Place – Alia Zaparova - A Line of Thought,  Melanie Bush - Postcards from Home

Special Commendations: Alexandra Carr - Ice,  Arthur de C. Wandeur - Lantern Magica

Shortlisted: Sally Jones - Everyone has a darkside, Alice Odilion - photographs, Eleni Cay - Intertwined, Abigail Thomas - Slide Book



1st Place – Nikki Robson - The house near Tullyhogue Fort

2nd Place – Elizabeth Breder – Cutlet

3rd Place – Catherine Ayres - To the Lighthouse

Special Commendations: Natalie Charlesworth - Confessions of a Spiritualist,  Christy Hall - French Carp,  Yvonne Reddick - Hare in Winter,  Gram Joel Davies - Young Woman, Views of Chagall

Shortlisted: Simon Middleton - Confirmation, Beth McDonough - Fossils, Wes Lee - Manta, Eleanor Stewart-Pointing - The Stroke, Anthony Watts - Wren



1st Place – Elaine Chiew - Epidermis

2nd Place – Jan Carson – Still

3rd Place – Harry Denniston - The Coffin of Clement Chantier

Shortlisted: Jan Carson - Five Ways to Discover an Already Discovered City, David N. Martin - The Man at the Top

Our winners event – with exhibition, readings and live music - was held at The Gallery on the Corner in Battersea. It was an incredible night showing off the extraordinary talents of all our winners.


The Elbow Room Prize Anthology 2015 is now sold out.