Rebecca Gethin


A magician of a midsummer night

                conjures himself

with a sleight of wings, oiling


his feathers with darkness

                to hawk under the stars

for ermines and swifts.


By night his costume is night,

                a single white flash on his wing tips.


His churring is the voice of trees –

                 a tonal ring in the bass note,

 a harmonic of a third.


His grasp of the air

                 is his legerdemain.

He is a flamenco of the twilight – 


                one clap of his wings

 and he is moth-mouthed.



Rebecca Gethin lives on Dartmoor in Devon. Cinnamon Press published her second poetry collection, A Handful of Water, in 2013 and Oversteps Books published her first, River is the Plural of Rain, in 2009.  Her first novel, Liar Dice, won the Cinnamon Press Novel Award and her second, What the horses heard, was also published in May, 2014. Recently, new poems have been published in Prole, The Interpreter’s House as well as the anthology of Exeter Poetry Festival, Battered Moons Poetry Competition pamphlet and The Broadsheet.  Her website is

More of Rebecca Gethins poetry can be found in Elbow Room Volume Eleven