Elbow Room Volume Four

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Elbow Room Volume Four


Elbow Room Volume Four was published in December 2013. Copies of the limited first edition print run are still available to buy. Examples of work by the artists included in this volume can be found on our artists page.

The first editions of Volume 4 are sold out. We are happy to make copies to order but this takes time.

James Bell was born in Edinburgh and now lives in Brittany in another part of the Celtic fringes. He has published two collections: the just vanished place (2008) and fishing from beginners (2010) both with tall-lighthouse. He continues to write and publish poetry internationally, both online and terrestrial. He contributes articles to an English language journal in France.


Mel Cole is exploring ideas of the grotesque, abject and the uncanny. Her work has a dark undertone, making ambiguous suggestions, which have the potential to unsettle and disturb. Her drawings animate the inanimate, treating the object as if it had a sensibility, making the banal perverted and sinister. Her drawing style, the combination of delicate pencil lines and unnerving subject can simultaneously repulse and attract the viewer. www.melcole.co.uk


Ben Parker’s debut pamphlet, The Escape Artists, is published by tall-lighthouse and was shortlisted for the 2013 Michael Marks Award. http://www.benparkerpoetry.co.uk/


Philip Beverley has been scribbling for about 14 years and has been published on paper in- Moonstone, Bard Hair Day, Poet Tree, The Black Rose, Inclement, Carillon, Dawn Treader, Cake and Krax, along with a selection of e-zines. He runs a creative writing group in West Yorkshire and occasionally gives readings locally.


Steven Kenny is an artist working with photography and sculpture. His work investigates concepts surrounding trauma, abjection and the uncanny. He is currently researching issues surrounding the body’s relationship to illness and otherness, specifically how photography is used to document recovery, deterioration and loss. www.stevenkenny.co.uk

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