Elbow Room Volume Fourteen


Elbow Room Volume Fourteen


Welcome back to Elbow Room. For some reason it feels as though its been an age since our last volume; perhaps because so much has happened between then and now. Books have been launched, new books started, The Elbow Room Prize opened and closed for entries, holidays were had and entirely new cities moved to. With all that it is a joy to be returning to Elbow Room and releasing another collection of incredible words and gorgeous art for your enjoyment. We hope you enjoy the work on these pages as much as we have.

Owen Vince is a poet, arts critic and editor of PYRAMID Editions poetry press. A digital chapbook of poems is appearing with White Knuckle Press later in the year. He has new poems upcoming with HAVERTHORN, Fur-Lined Ghettos, gobbet, and others. He tweets 



Christy Hall is a writer originally from the North East but now resides on the South Coast with his partner Joanna. He has had poems published on both sides of the Atlantic, in print and extensively online. His poem ‘Drop Pin’ was used in a literary pamphlet that helped Hull’s bid to become European City of Culture for 2017. He also has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and is attempting to write a novel. 

Xiaoqiao Li: I am an artist from the Guangdong province, China, and I am a MA graduate in printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts , University of Arts London. My prints, photographs and mixed media works explore my upbringing and identity, as well as the physical, temporal, and psychological aspects of city life.


Instagram: xiaoqiaoli

Harry Denniston can be reached on 07769 782685

Coming from a multicultural background and many traveling experiences, the subject of personal experience, memory and perception along with mapping has always been an area widely explored within Minami Wrigley’s practice. Minami creates fictional landscapes from the Pacific Northwest, ‘stitching’ together areas from various trips.  She explores the process of etching, allowing the media to become a part, where the act of representing becomes an act of re-experiencing and re-constructing. For her MA Final Show Minami created a ‘map’ on the wall by placing each print to its corresponding location on the Washington State map. On the side was her book PNW, which acted as another, more detailed map of her journeys. 


David Russomano attended Kingston University, where he was awarded the 2014 Faber & Faber Creative Writing MA Prize. In addition to being nominated for The Pushcart Prize and Sundress Publications’ 2012 Best of the Net Anthology, his work has appeared in print and digital publications, like Pioneertown, Verse-Virtual, and Phantom Drift (forthcoming). To learn more, visit


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