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Elbow Room Volume Seven


Elbow Room Volume Seven was first published in November 2014. Copies of the limited first edition are still available to buy. Volume seven includes a comic book insert.

Examples of the work included in this volume can be found on our artists page.

Christy Hall is a Northern born poet currently residing on the South Coast. Early last year he put out his debut chapbook with Fire Hazard Press in Hull; he is currently penning what he hopes will be his first full length collection. His poem ‘Drop Pin’ was used in a literary pamphlet that helped to clinch Hull’s bid to become European City of Culture for 2017. He has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. This year he will be published in journals on both sides of the Atlantic.

Laura Hume has been writing poetry for about four years. She has had work published in South Bank Poetry, The Delinquent and South Poetry Magazine and has been nominated for the Forward Prize for Poetry 2014. She lives and works in London.

Following a transient childhood, Elosham Vog came of age as a stranger in the surreal spaces of the American midwest and west coast. He now lives and writes in England. His interests include fine whisky, Russian formalism, and the anthropological sciences. ‘Seven Lucky Gods’ is part of a book-length project entitled Volcano; other Volcano poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Lighthouse, Ink Sweat & Tears, Saw Palm, and The Istanbul Review.

Annika Reed is interested in the question of life’s seeming absurdity. The absurd may make itself known at any moment and this is what Reed tries to describe in her work; those vacant gestures of silliness, which remind us that our days are woven with strands of meaningless events – with images shifting back and forth between sense and non-sense. Reed records her daily experiences mindful of the idea that life is irrational, incongruous and illogical. Reed uses a combination of drawing, print and stop-frame animation to force unexpected visual dialogues into the same pictorial window, assuming new meanings and narratives through familiar object and everyday scenarios. The series of uncomplicated line drawings, while suffused with playfulness reference unimportant events and repetitions of everyday life.


Art Allen is a critic, poet and photographer living in Norwich, Norfolk. His articles and poems have been appearing in student newspapers and poetry magazines for the last couple of years. He is in his final year of studying for a BA in English Literature at the University of East Anglia. He is desperately sad to not have a book out yet but you can read his poetry blog at


Nicholas Herrmann writes comics and science fiction, and co-edits Observatory Press- a new science fiction press specialising in curating, reviving and illustrating lost classics. He likes talking about space and old books on Twitter:

@NickPSH & @Observatweets

Joseph William is a self-taught, freelance illustrator from Sheffield, UK, currently based in Sydney, Australia. Having worked in and around the underground music scene over the last few years, he is now looking to explore different areas. He can be contacted through his website, Tumblr or Twitter:




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