The Elbow Room Prize 2016

After weeks of reading, considering, debating and discussing it is our pleasure to be able to announce the winners of this years Elbow Room Prize.

We had 279 people with around 600 pieces of work entered this year, and we were really overwhelmed by the breadth and quality of the entries. The incredibly high standard made our job as judge almost impossible. As a reflection of this we have decided to name not only our winners but all those we shortlisted or gave special commendation to.

The Elbow Room Prize night will be hosted at the Roz Barr Architects Gallery on November 19th. Full details will be announced soon. The prize anthology is available to pre-order.

Congratulations to all.

Tickets to the Elbow Room Prize night and creative workshop can be purchased HERE.

Full details of the event are on the HOMEPAGE

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1st Place- Catherine Ayres - Silence

2nd Place- Mara Adamitz Scrupe- Acer Saccharum (Pipeline) 

3rd Place- Maria Isakova Bennett - Dual

Shortlisted- Kyra Pollit - Urban Nights, Jed Myers - No Other, Julia Webb - Collapsing is a lot like anything else when you think about it, Mary Gilonne - Ageusia

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Short Fiction

1st Place- Thomas Welsh - And Then I Was Floating

2nd Place- Dominic Erskine - The Moving Room

3rd Place- Giselle Leeb - I Probably am a Lonely One

Specially Commended- C.D. Rose - Everything is Subject to Motion, Everything is Motion's Subject, Petra McQueen - Mid-term Break, Tom Vowler - Lucca, Chloe Turner - The Thing with Feathers.

Shortlisted- Alex Reece Abbott - Happy Now, Gwilym Scourfield - No-One Trusts Us, Annalisa Crawford - A Thousand Pieces of Me.

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Visual Arts

1st Place- Mita Solanky - Sleep Walks

2nd Place - Amy Harris - Reference Atlas of the (my) World

3rd Place- Studio Potapota - Endless Drawing

Specially Commended- Day Bowman - Rear View Mirror, Elaine Reid - Body Wishes, Oscar Delmar - Entropy 1.

Shortlisted- David Lunt - Point, Ronan Walsh - Entwine, Jonathan Alibone - Untitled (Gone are the Makers), Emily Tull - Her Grinning Soul.