The afternoons are dark, the air is cold and the twinkle lights are gorgeous… it must be winter. With winter comes the holiday season, fine food, fires to curl up in front of, gifts to give and time for one last good book of the year. We all know that incredible feeling of falling in love right? Being swept away by the first touch of beauty, tumbling deeper as more is revealed and eventually finding ourselves in a completely new world, a world some part of us now lives in forever. I’m not talking romantic love; I’m talking about the irrevocable process of falling in love with a book.

Books are given as gifts around the world, be it in Catalonia for Sant Jordi Day, or in Iceland for Christmas Eve, or even All Hallows Read. Books make the best presents, for others and even for ourselves.

It is with that in mind that our publishers As Yet Untitled are launching a holiday season special… Blind Date with Books. The idea is a simple one: you choose how much you want to spend and we send you one or collection of our books whose value equal what you’ve spent. We will wrap them beautifully for you and send them anywhere you want. The fun part is that you don’t pick which book, we choose for you and we keep it a secret! All our titles, from Elbow Room to Moonrise and The Ellentree are included. So why not get a surprise for yourself or give a handmade book to someone you love.

Check out the As Yet Untitled online shop for full details and we hope you will join us in spreading the love of books this holiday season.